Latinos in Massachusetts: A Mid-Decade Status Report

Jennifer Shea and Charles Jones
Date of Publication: 
August, 2006
Source Organization: 
University of Massachusetts Boston

This research report provides an updated socioeconomic profile of Latinos in Massachusetts, providing a comparative overview of a variety of statistical indicators – population, national origin, age, gender, education, employment, poverty, income and household composition.

The report illustrates that the state’s Latino population is growing and is becoming more diverse. At the same time, Latinos in general and those from particular countries of origin tend to be concentrated in a few geographic areas. While the economic situation for Latinos appears to be improving, it still lags behind the population as a whole.

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Shea, J. and Jones, C. (2006). Latinos in Massachusetts: A Mid-Decade Status Report. Boston: The Mauricio Gastón Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston.