Foreign-Born Latinos in Massachusetts

Phillip Granberry
Date of Publication: 
February, 2011
Source Organization: 
University of Massachusetts Boston

This report provides a descriptive snapshot of selected demographic, economic, educational and social indicators pertaining to foreign-born Latinos in Massachusetts. Even though Massachusetts has a greater percentage of foreign-born residents (14.4%) than the United States as a whole (12.5%), a lower parentage (41.0%) of Latinos in Massachusetts are foreign-born than in the United States as a whole (43.0%). This is partly due to the fact that Puerto Ricans, who number around 225,000 in the state, are US citizens by birth. They comprise over a third of all Latinos (35.7%) in the state, and a majority (60.4%) of the state’s US-born Latino population.

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Granberry, P. (2011). Foreign-Born Latinos in Massachusetts. Boston: The Mauricio Gastón Institute, University of Massachusetts, Boston.