Hispanics Say They Have the Worst of a Bad Economy

Paul Taylor, Mark Hugo Lopez, Gabriel Velasco and Seth Motel
Date of Publication: 
January, 2012
Source Organization: 
Pew Research Center

A majority of Latinos (54%) believe that the economic downturn that began in 2007 has been harder on them than on other groups in America. 

Large shares report that they or someone in their household has been out of work in the past year (59%); that their personal finances are in "only fair" or "poor" shape (75%); that they canceled or delayed a major purchase in the past year (49%); or that they are underwater on their mortgage (28% of Latino homeowners).

Some 52% of Latino adults are immigrants. The survey finds significant differences in the attitudes and experiences reported by these two groups.

In general, immigrants are more downbeat. For example, 62% of Latino immigrants say Latinos have been more hurt by the bad economy than other groups, compared with 45% of the native born who say the same. Just 16% of immigrants say their economic situation is "excellent" or "good," compared with 32% of the native born. And 63% of immigrants say they expect their financial situation and that of their family to improve in the coming year, compared with 71% of the native-born.

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Taylor, P., Lopez, M., Velasco, G. and Motel, S. (2012). Hispanics Say They Have the Worst of a Bad Economy. Pew Hispanic Center: Washington, D.C. Retrieved from https://www.pewresearch.org/hispanic/2012/01/26/hispanics-say-they-have-the-worst-of-a-bad-economy/