The Impact of Immigration and Immigration Reform on the Wages of American Workers

Robert J. Shapiro and Jiwon Vellucci
Date of Publication: 
May, 2010
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Written by Dr. Robert J. Shapiro, a former Undersecretary of Commerce in the Clinton Administration, this report includes a demographic analysis of the immigrant population in the United States highlighting occupational niches and educational attainment and devoting attention to the position of the undocumented. The report reviews available studies exploring the economic impact of immigration, both legal and undocumented, on the incomes of native-born immigrants and on the economy as a whole. Among findings of note: "undocumented male immigrants have the highest labor force participation rate of any group in America principally because, compared to the native born, undocumented immigrants are twice as likely to be in households with spouses and children." According to the author, evidence indicates that comprehensive immigration reform would reverse any adverse impacts of undocumented immigration on the wages of low-skilled legal workers, both native-born and immigrant. (Summary by Nick Montalto)

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Shapiro, R. J. and Vellucci, J. (2010). The Impact of Immigration and Immigration Reform on the Wages of American Workers. Washington, D.C.: New Policy Institute. Retrieved from