Cities and Immigration: Local Policies for Immigrant-Friendly Cities

Pablo Mitnik, Jessica Halpern-Finnerty and Matt Vidal
Date of Publication: 
April, 2008
Source Organization: 

This report aims at helping elected officials, policy-makers, activists, community-based organizations and city residents advocate for, design and implement progressive city policies toward immigrants. These goals have become particularly important given the recent failures of comprehensive immigration reform initiatives at the federal level. In exploring federal, state and local reactions to the new socio-demographic realities facing cities today, the report builds on policy experiments and experiences from all around the country to offer a menu of local policies aimed at creating immigrant-friendly cities.

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Mitnik, P., Halpern-Finnerty, J., and Vidal, M. (2008). Cities and Immigration: Local Policies for Immigrant-Friendly Cities. Madison, WI: Center on Wisconsin Strategy. Retrieved from