The Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants

Nancy S. Landale, Kevin J. A. Thomas, Jennifer Van Hook
Date of Publication: 
April, 2011
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Children of immigrants are a rapidly growing part of the U.S. child population. Their health, development, educational attainment, and social and economic integration into the nation’s life will play a defining role in the nation’s future.

The authors explore the challenges facing immigrant families as they adapt to the United States, as well as their many strengths, most notably high levels of marriage and family commitment. The authors examine differences by country of origin in the human capital, legal status and social resources of immigrant families and describe their varied living arrangements.

The authors conclude by discussing how U.S. immigration policies shape family circumstances and suggest ways to alter policies to strengthen immigrant families. 

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Landale, N. S., Thomas, K. J. A., Van Hook, J. (2011). The Living Arrangements of Children of Immigrants. Future Child, 21(1), 43-70.