Latinx workers—particularly women—face devastating job losses in the COVID-19 recession

Elise Gould, Daniel Perez and Valerie Wilson
Date of Publication: 
August, 2020
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Since March 2020, when the United States claimed the dubious distinction of leading the world in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases (McNeil 2020), life as we know it has changed for every person in this country. However, despite the seemingly universal reach of the pandemic, it is not true that COVID-19 has been “the great equalizer,” as some have proclaimed.

To the contrary, data show that Black and Latinx communities have collectively faced some of the most damaging economic and health effects of the coronavirus. In our previous report, Black Workers Face Two of the Most Lethal Preexisting Conditions for Coronavirus: Racism and Economic Inequality (Gould and Wilson 2020), we look at the disproportionate harms faced by Black workers; in this report, we examine the ways Latinx workers are suffering disproportionately.

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Gould, E., Perez, D., & Wilson, V. (2020, August 20). Latinx workers—particularly women—face devastating job losses in the COVID-19 recession. Economic Policy Institute.