Immigrant and Refugee Health in North Carolina

Jeffrey Walden and Holly Sienkiewicz
Date of Publication: 
March, 2019
Source Organization: 

The demographic composition of North Carolina has changed dramatically in the past three decades. Because of trends in immigration and refugee resettlement, our state is more diverse than ever before. Immigrants and refugees in North Carolina face unique challenges within the health care system, as well as increasing political and social pressures. Although often discussed as a homogenous group, newcomers comprise a varied mix of peoples from many cultures. The ability to connect across cultural barriers remains a key point when working with these populations. Despite myriad backgrounds, practice recommendations do exist when working with refugees and immigrants, and clinicians and other health care providers should adhere to these standards when working with these underserved individuals.

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Walden, J. & Sienkiewicz, H. (2019). Immigrant and refugee health in North Carolina. North Carolina Medical Journal, 81(2). Retrieved from