Mainstreaming Hate: The Anti-Immigrant Movement in the U.S.

American Defamation League
Date of Publication: 
November, 2018
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Anti-immigrant ideology has gained mainstream acceptance, infiltrated policy implementation, been used as a wedge issue to scare constituents and become the fodder of media personalitieswho regularly demonize immigrants to a wide audience. They frame their messages as reasonable and valid but are promoting xenophobia and preventing a reasonable conversation about real reform to address real challenges in the immigration system. Before the extreme ideas of the anti-immigrantmovement fully take root, the government, media and general public must take intentional steps to remove this ideology from tolerable discourse in America’s pluralistic society. To accomplish this, Mainstreaming Hate: The Anti-Immigrant Movement in the U.S. details several policy recommendations and concrete steps to be taken by various sectors of society.

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