The Economic Cost of Oregon’s Measure 105

New American Economy
Date of Publication: 
October, 2018
Source Organization: 
New American Economy

As Oregon voters consider Ballot Measure 105 ahead of the November 6 election, New American Economy has prepared a new research brief that highlights the negative economic impact the state could face if Oregonians vote “yes” to repeal Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820, the state’s 31-year-old anti-racial profiling law. 

This brief models what the economic costs would be in several industries and in the Oregon economy as a whole if Measure 105 were passed by the voters and 10 percent of the state’s undocumented population were to leave. To be conservative, it also models the impact if Oregon experienced just half of that immigrant exodus—five percent. To show the economic impact to Oregon’s diverse communities, the estimated economic loss is broken out for metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in each of their top five industries, respectively.

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New American Economy. (2018). Economic Cost of Oregon's Measure 105. Available