Waiting for the Supreme Court: Immigration Lawmaking in the States 2012

Tamar Jacoby and Steven Weiss
Date of Publication: 
June, 2012
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The publication of the fifth annual report on immigration lawmaking in U.S. states by ImmigrationWorks finds that state legislators appear to be losing their appetite for immigration enforcement. The number of immigration bills considered in the states declined substantially in 2012. No state enacted laws modeled on Arizona's controversial 2010 policing measure. Perhaps most striking, not a single state took advantage of the opening created by 2011's Supreme Court decision that states may require employers to enroll in the federal E-Verify program, validating employees' identities and work authorization.

Was 2012 the beginning of the end of the federalist revolution on immigration? This report examines what happened in the 2012 legislative sessions and looks ahead to how lawmakers in the states are likely to respond to the summer 2012 Supreme Court decision.

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Jacoby, T., Weiss, S. (2012). Waiting for the Supreme Court: Immigration Lawmaking in the States 2012. ImmigrationWorks USA: Washington, D.C. Retrieved from https://www.immigrationworksusa.org/