Stronger Together: Immigrants, Refugees, and the Future of Texas

Michael Kavate, Aryah Somers Landsberger, Daranee Petsod
Date of Publication: 
May, 2016
Source Organization: 

What role can foundations play in supporting the integration of immigrants? And why is immigrant integration an important goal, not only for foundations with a mission to serve immigrants but also for foundations with broader giving priorities, such as those working in the education, health, and civic participation areas? These are two questions addressed by this report from Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, which focuses on Texas -- a state with one of the largest immigrant and refugee populations in the country. Examining demographic trends in Texas (one in three children in the state has a foreign-born parent), the report asserts that "the future of immigrants and refugees is the state's future." The report gives examples of, and recommendations for,  "immigrant-inclusive grantmaking" in the following areas: analyzing local demographics, protecting human rights, addressing trauma and mental health needs, improving English proficiency, increasing health access, supporting refugee resettlement, strengthening economic integration, improving employment outcomes, enhancing civic participation, and combating xenophobia. The authors conclude by saying that "whatever their funding priorities, foundations can improve the well-being of immigrants and refugees through their existing grantmaking programs, launching special initiatives, and/or joining forces with funding colleagues to increase impact."  (Abstract by Prof. Nick Montalto


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Kavate, M., Landsberger, A. S., & Petsod, D. (2016). Stronger Together: Immigrants, Refugees, and the Future of Texas. Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees. Sebastopol: CA. Available at: