Providing Immigrants A Springboard into the Workforce

Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education
Date of Publication: 
April, 2017
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Portland Community College (PCC), in Portland, Oregon, is a state leader in developing and implementing integrated education and training programs. The college’s innovative Adult Basic Skills (ABS) Career Pathways program offers nonnative English speakers, immigrants, GED students, and developmental education students an accelerated path to build their academic, language, and job skills concurrently. Students take a contextualized academic skill-building support course in tandem with their college classes to earn a Career Pathways credential, usually in just 6 to 9 months. ABS Career Pathways are part of PCC’s broader Career Pathways program featuring 50 Career Pathways and leading to over 25 degrees. The White House has recognized PCC Career Pathways as one of the nation’s top training models for student success and workforce development.

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Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education. (2017). Providing Immigrants a Springboard into the Workforce. New York: Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education.