Profiles of Boston’s Latinos

Boston Planning & Development Agency
Date of Publication: 
June, 2017
Source Organization: 
Boston Planning & Development Agency

Although the various Latino nationality groups in Boston are often described as a single ethnic group, there is great diversity within the Latino community. Profiles of Boston’s Latinos by the Boston Planning & Development Agency captures this diversity by examining the seven largest Latino groups in Boston: Puerto Rican (28 percent of total Latino population), Dominican (24 percent), Salvadoran (11 percent), Colombian (6 percent), Mexican (5 percent), Brazilian (3 percent), and Guatemalan (3 percent). Using data from the U.S. Census, 2011-2015 American Community Survey and Public Use Microdata Sample, the authors review demographic variables, educational attainment, means of transportation, standard of living and workforce information for each group. The report also includes maps showing the geographic distribution of each Latino group in Boston. Although Latino nationality groups share some characteristics, such as low homeownership, they also display some marked differences; 37.3 percent of Brazilians, for example, have at least a bachelor’s degree compared to only 7.9 percent of Salvadorans. Colombians show a 79 percent labor force participation rate, far exceeding the combined Latino rate of 66 percent. Despite similar shares of Latinos and non-Latinos working (66 percent vs 68 percent), Latinos are less likely to achieve middle class status or own a home. (Yuki Wiland)

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