Factbook 2015: The Condition of Latinos in Education

Deborah A. Santiago, Emily Calderon Galdeano, & Morgan Taylor
Date of Publication: 
January, 2015
Source Organization: 

The Latino population is one of the fastest growing demographics in the U.S., rising from 13 percent to 17 percent in the last decade and currently projected to reach 31 percent by 2060.

This report from Excelencia in Education, a network of colleges and universities working to increase Latino student success, provides a snapshot of Latino educational achievement. Covering early education through graduate studies and workforce education, the data show that although Latino students have achieved academic progress over the last decade, they still face particular hardships as students and workers. For instance, high school dropout rates in Latino populations have decreased by nearly half but remain higher than any other demographic. Conversely, Latino high school graduates now have the highest rate of college enrollment (70 percent compared with 66 percent White and 56 percent African American students) yet Latinos are “significantly overrepresented in lower-paying service occupations” and underrepresented in graduate education. Guided by the belief that education is the best pathway to maximizing human capital, the publishers of this report hope to improve educational policies and practices for Latino students by presenting the most current research. (Jamie Cross for The ILC Public Education Institute).

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Santiago, D. A., Galdeano, M. C., & Taylor, M. (2015). Factbook 2015: The Condition of Latinos in Education. Excelencia in Education. Washington: DC. Available at: https://www.edexcelencia.org/research