Collaboration in Support of New Americans

Jen Vanek, Heide Wrigley, Erik Jacobson, & Janet Isserlis
Date of Publication: 
April, 2017
Source Organization: 

The Open Door Collective (ODC) is a network of concerned professionals dedicated to reshaping U.S. society to reduce levels of poverty and economic inequality. ODC members believe that adult education and lifelong learning are important tools in this quest, especially because adults with low literacy, numeracy, and English language skills, are much more likely to live in poverty. In pursuit of its mission, the Collective has produced a series of policy papers, including this one on the importance of adult education for immigrants.  The paper outlines some of the deficiencies in the current federally-funded system, including "one-size-fits-all" approaches that fail to address the needs of lower level immigrant learners.  The authors recommend that adult educators work together with advocacy groups, resettlement agencies, and immigrant-serving CBOs "to assure equitable access to programs and fair distribution of funds for refugees and immigrants." (American Immigrant Policy Portal)

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Vanek, J., Wrigley, H., Jacobson, E., & Isserlis, J. (2017). Collaboration in Support of New Americans. Open Door Collective. Retrieved from