Assimilation Tomorrow: How America's Immigrants Will Integrate by 2030

Dowell Myers and John Pitkin
Date of Publication: 
November, 2011
Source Organization: 
Center for American Progress

Many questions remain about newcomers with the rise in immigration and new immigrant destinations: Will they learn English? Are they locked in poverty? What are their prospects for success in America? Will today's immigrants fully integrate to become tomorrow's Americans?  

This report examines the outlook for the nation's immigrants projecting their gains from today through 2030. Major findings include that (i) immigrants are assimilating into American life like their predecessors, (ii) Hispanic newcomers show very positive rates of advancement by 2030, and (iii) immigrant youth also show positive gains and dramatic changes between generations.  

The authors argue that these immigrant advances are substantial and entirely to the benefits of longer settlement and deepening roots in America. Yet such broad gains should not be taken for granted because past rates of immigrant advancement depended at least in part on economic growth and public investments in education and other supports—all of which are currently threatened.

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Myers, D. and Pitkin, J. (2011). Assimilation Tomorrow: How America's Immigrants Will Integrate by 2030. Washington D.C.: Center for American Progress. Retrieved from