Korean Immigrants in the United States

Allison O’Connor and Jeanne Batalova
Date of Publication: 
April, 2019
Source Organization: 
Migration Policy Institute

Since the 1960s, immigration from the Korean peninsula to the United States has increased dramatically, driven by political, economic, and military relations between South Korea and the United States. In 2017, approximately 1 million Korean immigrants—the vast majority from South Korea, with just a tiny fraction from North Korea—resided in the United States, representing 2.4 percent of the 44.5 million immigrants in the country.

A 2004 report is available for comparison.

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O’Connor, A., & Batalova, J. (2019, April 10). Korean immigrants in the United States. Retrieved from https://www.migrationpolicy.org/article/korean-immigrants-united-states-2017