Immigration Myths and Facts

US Chamber of Commerce
Date of Publication: 
May, 2011
Source Organization: 

In an effort to counteract misinformation about the impact of immigration on American society, the U.S. Chamber's Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits Division prepared this pamphlet to "refute seven of the most common myths about immigrants coming to our country." The pamphlet "summarize[s] the facts on the relationship of immigrants to Jobs, Wages, Taxes, Population, Crime, Integration and Welfare." The Chamber's review "shows that immigrants significantly benefit the U.S. economy by creating new jobs, and complementing the skills of the U.S. native workforce, with a net positive impact on wage rates overall."(Summary by Nick Montalto.)

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US Chamber of Commerce Labor, Immigration and Employee Benefits Division. (2011). Immigration Myths and Facts. Washington, D.C.: US Chamber of Commerce.