Immigrant Small Business Owners: A Significant and Growing Part of the Economy

David Dyssegaard Kallick
Date of Publication: 
June, 2012
Source Organization: 
Fiscal Policy Institute

More than one in six small business owners in the United States is an immigrant according to this report from the Fiscal Policy Institute's Immigration Research Initiative.

Immigrants - people born in another country - make up 18 percent of all small business owners in the U.S. By contrast, immigrants are 13 percent of the population and 16 percent of the labor force, according to the 2010 American Community Survey. That's a big change from 20 years ago, when immigrants made up nine percent of the labor force and 12 percent of small business owners.

The report includes national data, information about the 50 states plus the District of Columbia, and information about the 25 largest metropolitan areas in the country. Also available: information about Latino small business owners and immigrant business owners by country of birth.  

The report compiles entrepreneurial information that highlights the significant role that immigrants play as small business owners.  

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