Low-Skilled Immigration Is Needed To Overcome The Western Worker Crunch

Adi Gaskell
Date of Publication: 
November, 2022
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In modern times, migration has seldom been anything if not a contentious issue, with political discourse reflecting often conflicting values on the topic. Indeed, it has often been left to religious groups, local authorities, and civil society organizations to adopt a more liberal attitude, with politicians squabbling to appear tougher than each other.

Research from the University of Innsbruck highlights the moral nature of many of these debates, with often harsh regulations introduced by policymakers met by public protest, especially when concerning asylum seekers and refugees.

Ignoring the needWhile politicians increasingly like to adopt a hard line against immigration, the reality is that most developed countries are in dire need of it. In Germany, for instance, data from the government's Institute for Employment Research recently revealed that there are 1.93 million vacancies in the country, which represents a growth of 66% from the year before.

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