How immigrants can alleviate the domestic labor shortage

Cecilia Esterline
Date of Publication: 
November, 2022
Source Organization: 

As detailed in the first piece of this series, the U.S. is experiencing labor shortages in industries across the economy. The shortages manifest in tangible, negative impacts on Americans’ daily life and overall standard of living. This second entry of the series will delve into why these shortages cannot be filled by the current supply of domestic labor and explore what role immigration can help with the labor shortages domestic workers can’t fill.

As of September 2022, there were over 10.7 million job openings in the United States. In the same month, there were approximately 5.8 million unemployed workers. This means that even if every unemployed individual’s skills, interests, and location perfectly aligned with the requirements of the open jobs, the U.S. would still have nearly 5 million unfilled openings.]

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Esterline, C. (2022, November). How immigrants can alleviate the domestic labor shortage. Niskanen Center.