Remote Legal Support: A Guide for Nonprofit and Pro Bono Innovation

Pro Bono Net / Immigration Advocates Network
Date of Publication: 
March, 2020
Source Organization: 

This manual is the collective effort of more than 10 nonprofit immigration organizations and projects. We met regularly for over a year to explore ways to leverage technology and share strategies that improve access to justice for rural and underserved communities.

We created this manual in response to a national survey conducted in 2019. We've published key findings from the national survey results, to share the nonprofit immigration field's experience and interest. The manual features successful RLS programs, including program logistics, processes, challenges, tools, checklists, sample documents, and best practices. Finally, it includes projects and models from across the nonprofit sector. We hope the manual inspires confidence and helps nonprofits and pro bono lawyers engage rural and underserved communities. In the months ahead, we will offer training webinars on successful programs, to answer questions and provide additional support. We plan to connect partners for pilot projects, to explore the RLS model. We hope this manual helps the field reach more people and improve access to justice.

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Pro Bono Net; & Immigration Advocates Network. (2020). Remote legal support: A guide for nonprofit and pro bono innovation. Retrieved from