Career Pathways in Accounting: Using your Foreign Education in the U.S.

Date of Publication: 
November, 2019
Source Organization: 
World Education Services

Gaining entry into U.S. professional fields can be challenging for many immigrants. However, it can also be an opportunity to pursue a new career that builds on past education and experience. This guide published by World Education Services covers resources and strategies to help immigrants build on their foreign education to gain entry into accounting and related career fields in America. The guide describes the accounting profession in the U.S., strategies for getting foreign credentials recognized, educational options, and licensing and certification requirements. Various initiatives are highlighted, such as the SMART goal template, to assist foreign-educated workers in creating clear, goal-oriented plans. As some immigrants may have difficulty completing the lengthy and costly licensing process for regulated professions, the guide suggests building on transferrable skills to pursue alternative career paths, such as accounting software consultant, credit analyst and insurance underwriter. The guide also includes a list of resources related to education, employment, licensing, and financial assistance to help immigrants in their pursuit of an accounting or related career in the U.S. (Stephanie DePauw for The Immigrant Learning Center’s Public Education Institute)

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