Ten Years of Language Access in Washington, DC

Hamutal Bernstein, Julia Gelatt, Devlin Hanson, & William Monson
Date of Publication: 
April, 2014
Source Organization: 
Urban Institute

Ten Years of Language Access in Washington, DC provides an overview of the implementation of the Language Access Act within the context of the unique demographic and economic characteristics of the District's immigrant community. We describe DC's Language Access Program, its creation, and evolution, profile the city's LEP/NEP population, and identify accomplishments and challenges for each of the three major domains required for ensuring full language access: identifying language needs, serving language needs, and monitoring the provision of those services. We conclude with recommendations for next steps for city government officials and other stakeholders as they continue to strengthen the Language Access Program in the District.

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Bernstein, H., Gelatt, J., Hanson, D., & Monson, W. (2014). Ten Years of Language Access in Washington, DC. The Urban Institute. Retrieved from https://www.urban.org/sites/default/files/publication/22536/413097-ten-years-of-language-access-in-washington-dc_0.pdf