School and Society in the Age of Trump

John Rogers, Michael Ishimoto, Alexander Kwako, Anthony Berryman & Claudia Diera
Date of Publication: 
March, 2019
Source Organization: 

This report offers results of a nationwide survey of public high school principals on how the Trump presidency is affecting students and educators on a variety of social issues. One of those issues is the threat of immigration enforcement. The report finds that more than two-thirds of the principals surveyed report that federal immigration enforcement policies and the political rhetoric around the issue have harmed student well-being and learning or undermined the ability of parents to support student learning. Principals say that students from immigrant families experienced difficulty focusing on class lessons or missed school due to policies or political rhetoric related to immigrants and that immigrant parents and guardians have experienced difficulty participating in school activities or supporting their students’ well-being and academic progress at home. Most principals surveyed have worked to support impacted students and families, including directing them to counseling and partnering with community-based organizations that provide services for immigrant students and families. 

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Rogers, J., Ishimoto, M., Kwako, A., Berryman, A., & Diera, C. (2019). School and Society in the Age of Trump. Los Angeles, CA: UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access. Available at