NAE Cities Index

New American Economy
Date of Publication: 
June, 2018
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NAE describes the Cities Index as “the first-ever comprehensive, interactive look at how the nation’s largest 100 cities welcome immigrants.” The Index aims to help answer two of the questions at the heart of the immigration debate: How well are immigrants integrating into the fabric of American life, and what role do cities play in that process?  In ranking cities, NAE examines two areas: first, local policies, and second, socioeconomic outcomes, especially the size of any disparities between immigrants and the U.S.-born population. In the local policy area, NAE utilizes 30 separate measures across five broad domains: government leadership, economic empowerment, inclusivity, community, and legal support. In the socioeconomic area, NAE uses 21 indicators in four domains: job opportunities, economic prosperity, livability, and civic participation. In the first roll-out of the index, the top five cities were: Newark (NJ), Baltimore (MD), New York (NY), Chula Vista (CA), and San Francisco (CA). Advising NAE in the design of the index is a 10-person advisory committee of experts in the fields of immigration and immigrant integration. (American Immigration Policy Portal)

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