Undocumented Immigrants in Construction

Nicole Prchal Svajlenka
Date of Publication: 
February, 2021
Source Organization: 
Center for American Progress

Across the country, 5 million undocumented immigrants are working alongside their neighbors to keep the country safe amid a global pandemic—including nearly 1.6 million immigrants who are working in construction. These workers are building andmaintaining critical infrastructure projects, such as those needed to expand Americans’ increased need for both health care throughout the pandemic and reliable internet access. Construction has continued on bridges and facilities to generate renewable energy in order to keep our roads accessible and electricity on. Construction workers have also continued to ensure that Americans have safe and secure housing.

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Svajlenka, N. (2021, February 2). Undocumented Immigrants in Construction. Center for American Progress. https://cdn.americanprogress.org/content/uploads/2021/01/01114810/EW-Construction-factsheet.pdf?_ga=2.208442834.179446638.1612368069-1165177260.1606330132