Conservative Jurisprudence and Noncitizens’ Political Voice

Nadia Almasalkhi
Date of Publication: 
February, 2021
Source Organization: 

The Trump administration has come to an end, but its legacy will continue to affect immigrants, most notably through the court system. Many lawsuits raised against the Trump administration for its various policies towards immigrants are still being debated in U.S. courts. The decisions from these cases will set a precedent for how immigrants can be treated by future administrations. During his tenure, former President Trump appointed over fifty U.S. Court of Appeals judges and three Supreme Court Justices, skewing the federal judiciary slightly towards the political right. How will conservative judges rule oncases related to immigration issues?

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Almasalkhi, N. (2021, February). Conservative Jurisprudence and Noncitizens’ Political Voice. Berkeley Interdisciplinary Migration Initiative and the Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley.